Long jam in Saxon Switzerland

Long jam in Saxon Switzerland


Den Geschmack bringst Du!

14.- 17.6.2012
im „Schützenhaus“ - Wehlen, Sächsische Schweiz, Nahe Dresden





Something for You here! We are holding our 3 days jam in a nice house at the outskirts of Stadt Wehlen, in the middle of Saxon Switzerland,  14-17 June. Nature all around!  And you are very welcome to join us. Families und children are welcome too.

Everybody is welcome,
beginner to advanced one, also for one day or more!

Self organisation?

The wish is that the jam organization is supported by the collective spirit, so with a minimal structure to make the all possible, and also a minimum price: 50€.

We bring the basics and you bring the taste.


The same procedure as last year Miss Sophie? yes, we bring the basics, rice, porridge, potatoes, noodle, milk, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, garlic, onions 

And YOU, additionally to the fee, you bring the tasty part, to spice our meals: vegetables, fruits, juices, spices, cakes, chocolates,... all the extra you would feel nice to share to this 3 days community. Be creative, be tasty.

Please, bring your own dishes (a plate and a cup), too.

Our wish is to have an event based on a collective mind. So we expect You to be from time to time active for the group and give a bit of your time to cook, to clean, to help when You feel like.



Part of the house is still under renovation, we will have 2 showers for everybody, several bedrooms offer place for sleeping, but also a beautiful garden offer place to pitch your tent. The all has a unique view on the Elbe valley.

Arriving time?

arriving time Thursday after 18h00 (or Friday).


Coming together on Thursday evening, 3 days jam till Sunday evening.

We will also propose for the one interested to do a water jam, in the Toscana Therm. The entry price is not included in the fee. Case you may be interested (it is a great experience), bring your swimsuit, diving mask and nose-clip (this one can be purchase for 2euro at the Therm, if you don’t have).

Foto:maho shimada + daniel werner

Foto:maho shimada + daniel werner

Extra activity?

outdoor dancing, camping, hiking, music

What You need to bring?

All what you usually need for such even, but also
- mattress or an isomatte with sleeping bag (sleeping on the floor)
- a tent to sleep outside
- a torch to move outside during the night like in the garden, specially if you pitch you tent there
- good shoes for walking in the countryside
- a music instrument if you have any, we plan an evening with a outside fire.
- bring your own dishes (a plate and a cup)
- swimsuit, diving mask and nose-clip, as mentioned above
- covers to lie down in the garden (to chill)

How to arrive there?

Transport from Dresden
S-Bahn from Dresden is arriving directly in Wehlen. Then take the ferry and cross the Elbe.
Last Ferry are running till 23:43 , working day
the cheapest way to come from Dresden is to buy a 4 tickets block and to validate 2 tickets for one way. The ticket will include the ferry.

with car
For the people coming with car, the most parking place in Stadt Wehlen having fees. 
there are 2 parking (5euro/day)
Parking 1
Parking 2


50EUR, (rent and basic food)
prices for families and childrren, please contact us

So please if you are interested, subscribe, by sending us an email at jam2012 ( a t ) contactimpro-dresden.de .

If you subscribed and you will not come, please unsubscribe, by sending us an email at jam2012 ( a t ) contactimpro-dresden.de .


Schützenhaus Wehlen
Hausberg 10
01829 Stadt Wehlen

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position of Schützenhaus-Wehlen


Wehlen is a cute small city right in Saxony Switzerland, very touristic place:

Some additional links

The location is in the nationalpark of saechsische schweiz: 

For kids and adults, there is in Wehlen (on the other side of the Elbe), the ErlebnisBad:

We are 5km to Bastei, there are a few nice pictures: