mit Kristien Sonnevijlle (NL)

13. March 2016 in Dresden


SHAPE SHIFTING with Kristien Sonnevijlle, Foto: Kristien Sonnevijlle
Foto: Kristien Sonnevijlle


The body as a constantly changing material. Sometimes human. Also insect like, the stormy weather and a muddy pool, or something we cannot put into words. In solo, duo and group work we will look for the subtle signs of change happening in the body. A sway, a new rhythm, a different direction. No plans, simply listening and following at the right time. As we slow down, the body speaks. Images visit us, change the movement, new images come up... Through a process of recognizing and deconstructing movement patterns, we find a pleasant stream of diverse and refined material.


The workshops will be in 3 parts:

- a long warm-up to prepare the body to move out of only human vocabulary
- a deep listening and exploring how to move with the information that is received
- a performance setting, sharing and watching how shapes keep shifting. 



This workshop is suitable for all (professional/non-professional) dancers who are curious to deepen the ability to listen to the body's natural vocabulary, which lies beyond ideas and patterns of movement.


Kristien Sonnevijlle

is an Amsterdam based dancer/vocalist. She devotes herself to serious play with other improvisers in music, visual arts, poetry and dance. Performances are on locations ranging from damp cellars to trees and churches in full bloom. Contact improvisation, physical theater, butoh have influenced her work, which doesn't want to be put into a box. As a vocalist she sings with The Genetic Choir, an improvising choir. She studied Subbody Butoh in the Indian Himalaya's with Rhizome Lee, dance with Julyen Hamilton, Nancy Stark Smith and many others and keeps on exploring, both as a teacher and a performer.









Hours: 12-18

Place: TENZAschmiede

Gives as you can:  50 EUR
Concessions are possible: please ask

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14. March 2016 18:00 in Projekttheater Dresden
ci.insight leaded by Kristien Sonnevijlle
inspired by SHAPE SHIFTING the day before

15. March 2016 7:30 in Dresden
early morning practise leaded by Kristien Sonnevijlle
inspired by SHAPE SHIFTING the two day before
please ask for the place



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