I,here,now,with you

I,here,now,with you

contact improvisation mit Lea Kieffer

23. November 2013 in Dresden



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Samstag  10-18 Uhr

TENZAschmiede, Pfotenhauer Str., Dresden

30 EUR Frühbucher bis 13. November 2013
35 EUR regulär

contact ( a t ) contactimpro-dresden.de

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I,here,now,with you

contact improvisation with Lea Kieffer (France)


I’m busy in my own practice of CI to keep alive the readiness and openness that need being in the unknown place that is now . In this class ,we will put our attention on the specificity of NOW, finding a bridge between the experience we have and relate to and the unique aspect of each moment that bring us to be in a state of unknowing .How to be “I,Here,Now”.
In contact improvisation ,”I” is physically in contact with other “I”. How to share a place and time of unknown? How to communicate? How to get cleared, specified and open in the communication?
We will pratice letting go plans and ambitions, trusting, being ready and open, being playfull, taking risks, being moved, starting with focused physical studies. Then we will give time to more open dancing scores .


Lea Kieffer (France)

Lea is a performer/ dance-maker whose work focuses on improvisation, the practice of wildness and contact improvisation. She combines a deep interest in physical challenges and rigorous physical work with imagery. She's a nomade artist performing and teaching in Europe and overseas.

Sa 10-18

TENZAschmiede, Pfotenhauer Str.59, Dresden

30 EUR early bird til november 13, 2013,
35 EUR regular

contact ( a t ) contactimpro-dresden.de

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