Irresistible lightness – strength and softness

Irresistible lightness – strength and softness

contact improvisation mit Zita Pavlištová

19./20. Oktober 2013 in Dresden



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Samstag  10-18 Uhr
Sonntag 10-15 Uhr

TENZAschmiede, Pfotenhauer Str., Dresden

45 EUR Frühbucher bis 10. Oktober 2013
55 EUR regulär

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Irresistible lightness – strength and softness

contact improvisation with Zita Pavlištová (Czech republic)


A contact improvisation workshop where you can understand that the feeling of ease doesn’t depend on our weight. We will find out that it is more important to be able to control our weight, handle it and direct it effectively to the places where it supports our movement and won’t block it.

We will look for that which gives ease to our movement, independent of how heavy we are and how strong our partner is. We will train the physical abilities that allow us to use even the slightest support from our partner, sometimes even the mere information about their position, in order to effectively adjust the shape of our body, change the trajectory of our movement, lead it slightly, smoothly and precisely through space.

We will train physically and at the same time change our mental concept, the idea of how the movement works, which forces lead us into the movement and how they keep us in the air. We will adopt the movement that renders new possibilities and utilizes different principles than those we were used to perceive before. It is based on a different idea about the body movement, about shaping the space.

Instead of preferring what we see right now, instead of fixating the shapes and used classical static model of balance, we will start to perceive a finer level of the information about the organization of the forces in the body and space. We will activate those body structures and systems that support movement and keep dynamic balance.

Our intention is to develop these practical skills:

  • Listen.
  • Feel and follow our own and partner’s body dynamics.
  • Read where the momentum (inertia force) heads up. Be able to follow it and influence its direction.
  • Keep our movement energy, not losing it and fully utilizing it.
  • Use our partner as a dynamic support. Be able to use a moving body part as a support, rather than expecting a static support.
  • Give a direction to our weight.
  • Get our support from space – from the air.
  • Read and anticipate the partner’s trajectory, be able to join it anytime.
  • Develop the mobility in all body parts without losing the perfect body interconnection.
  • Follow the trajectory of the movement with only one specific body part and let the rest of the body organize itself around it.
  • Sense and practice the movement of the body in the air and on the partner as a movement in fluids.

The workshop is for all those who sometimes or often feel heavy or conversely blocked by the partner’s weight. For those who want to prevent that or want to find a way out of such situations.

Zita Pavlištová (Czech republic)

Zita is teacher of contact improvisation in Czech Republic. In her work, she connected the special technique of body movement with contact improvisation. She shares the art of the movement based on listening to our body. In her work, she seeks for limits and loves extremes. She inquires into the body in movement and its connection with mind. She uses long, still and conscious watching to the inner movement, as well as pace, lose of control and risk – situations where body needs to be given an implicit trust. „Through the body, it’s possible to understand a lot. Just listen to the ways how it speaks to us. My body is wise, it teaches me much more than all of my teachers. And at the same time it is willing to be taught. It’s not a good idea to force it in any way, it’s better to trust it boundlessly. Then it manages things that we have never even dreamed about.“ Zita operates in Prague. She founded Druna - the space for CI, dance and movement. ( 7years she is director of this centre, she leads her classes here, she holds evening and weekend jams, also she invites teachers from the world. Every year she is organising the month of international summer workshops in Eagle mountains. Today, she teaches in Prague and in the whole Czech Republic, and also in Spain, Germany and Poland.

Sa 10-18,
So 10-15

TENZAschmiede, Pfotenhauer Str.59, Dresden

45 EUR early bird til october 10, 2013,
55 EUR regular

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